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I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday yesterday full of family, friends, good cheer and good food! But it is time to get back into the swing of things and back into the game! I spent a merry Christmas with about 10 of us at the cabin and of course, we played hours of billiards in the basement by the fireplace.  Luckily, I won nine out of ten matches but that means there is always room for improvement.


We sat down with my brother-in-law thinking and discussing our goals for the new year. What kinds of things we want to accomplish in 2015.  My goals are to train more and get a few more trophies for my fireplace collection.  My brother-in-law needs to lose about 85 pounds according to his doctor and this is no easy feat. He told me that his doctor said if he does not lose weight, he could be in some trouble with his blood pressure and cholesterol level.

We decided the best thing to do is to get together some sort of action plan. Starting first off with his diet.  The doc recommended a diet low in red meats, high in white meats. So he stocked the fridge with chicken breast and lean pork and fish like tuna and salmon.

Second up was an abundance of fruits and vegetables so we have went through an made a list of the best healthiest vegetables like carrots, cucumber, red peppers and leafy green vegetables.  He hates veggies but a good way to get them in is add the ingredients in some sort of smoothie or steam them accompanied with a lemon or soy sauce sautee in a frying pan.  I love stir-fry and a brown rice sauce is best served with a light lean pork roast and cashew nuts. Yum!

Next you need to think about some great fruits to snack with when you’re on the go, like apples and bananas and also some dry nuts like almonds or raw peanuts.

I also told my bro-in-law about the diet pills I’ve heard are great for weight loss.  Because the ingredients help you feel full longer and curb those destructive cravings, you can eat less of your regular food intake without gaining a bunch of weight.These pills cost less than a cup of starbucks per day so it is worth the price you pay for some high quality diet pills.  If you want to get help losing weight you can go to this great website about skinny fiber testimonials about losing weight with the skinny fibre diet pills. I hope my buddy has great results with this product and his new year’s resolution to get in shape!



How Important is Physical Fitness in Table Sports?

There are many misconceptions about table sports and fitness. A lot of people do not view table sports as being the equivalent of a physical based sport like basketball or baseball because you aren’t exerting yourself in the same way.  I disagree with people who laugh off table sports as not being a real sport or that you don’t need to train yourself.  of course, when playing billiards or ping pong, you won’t be expending the same amount of energy or calories as a heavy game of soccer, but you are still required to be in top shape to play the game well.

christmas-elf-ideasI have a competitor in my tournaments who is a trim guy and he has always been my number one competition. I see him yearly.  Last year, I was shocked when I saw him, he had put on about 50 pounds I’d wager and looked like a different guy. and while he was still a great shot, someone was slacking in his play. Maybe his energy or focus, or just that he couldn’t swivel and twist his body in the way that he used to be able to.  That was the first time in three years that I advanced him.  Obviously, it could have been anything but I feel like I should attribute it to his weight gain.  I’m a pretty lean guy and that has really helped my game. in all sports.  Being fit physically keeps you sharp, tuned and trained.

Recently I lost 10 pounds using my girlfriend’s bottle of skinny fiber. The reviews are amazing and the skinny fiber cost is quite cheap if you buy a 6 month supply. I think that losing weight is all about self-control, patience and practice. You need to be consistent when starting any sort of diet or weight loss program.  I take these pills twice a day at breakfast and dinner and then I find myself snacking less throughout the day which is great.

Christmas is coming up in a few weeks so I advise you all to ask Santa for some skinny fiber or any other type of fiber supplement in addition to a new set of billiard balls!  I plan on spending Christmas with the family and then on boxing day we’ll have a pool tournament with my buddies in the North.  Merry Christmas to all of you and hope you enjoy a happy and healthy holiday remembering to train and practice and don’t forget your goals!

Happy healthy holidays from Billiards Game Stroke Trainer!


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Billiard Tips: Have you ever wished you could turn back time?

I had just returned from the 2003 BCA Jr. Nationals Billiards tournament held at The College, University Of Michigan in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Adam Pendley, who works with my StrokeTrainer, lost his first match and won 10 matches in a row to end up in 2nd after losing on the hill 9-8 in the finals.

I saw some of the best Billiards/pool ever.

There were three different age groups starting with 18 & under Boys, 18 & under Girls, and 14 & under Boys.

I had always heard about how good some of these kids could play but I could never have imagined it until I saw it in person.

I was amazed at the level of billiard play at such an early age.

For the kids who are starting to play pool today they all seem to have the same problem:

“Their stroke”

Because they are too short to reach over the top of the pool table, they all tend to hold their arm out to the side, which becomes a bad habit as they get older.

Now there is a training aid on the market to help them with stroke after they are tall enough to reach over the table.

The Stroke trainer!

Anyone who has ever played pool or billiards knows the importance of having a solid stroke. This is the basis of the entire game, a skill which takes years of practice to truly master.

But we have created a training aid to do this in a matter of days not years – endorsed by Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman and “The Monk” Tim Miller, World Master players and Professional Instructors.

In the meantime if your child is too short to reach over the table please try to build them a box or give them something to stand on when they are playing pool.

It will save them a lot of work in the future. This is a billiard tip I saw a long time ago.